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The UX of being a cover band

Planet Texas Band

The Planet Texas Band Plays for a happy audience.

I play bass in a blues rock cover band for fun, and was thinking about the user experience that we have with our audience. So I made a list of basic gig guidelines and actually it’s quite similar to any business customer experience:

  1. You are not your target audience, what might be your favorite song is not what your audience wants to hear.
  2. You are there to entertain them, not yourself. You are being paid by the venue – their customer is the focus.
  3. You are a team, when everyone plays their parts right – magic happens.
  4. Know your audience. Their favorite song might be one you never thought about.
  5. Play a well rounded song list based on a core set or theme that the audience will be familiar with.
  6. Deliver more than expected. on time. on key, and on tempo.
  7. Practice makes perfect, no one enjoys a sloppy sounding performance.
  8. Talk to the audience. Get them to interact. Dancing is always encouraged.
  9. Keep it fresh. Update your repertoire often, replace songs that don’t work well with the audience.
  10. Make it your own. you don’t have to play the song note for note like the original.

… and most important of all, don’t forget to tip your bartenders and wait staff. :)

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